how to explore com.wm.util

Hi All,
I need to look at the method generate() whose location is com.wm.util.UUID.generate().
In which webMethods package it resides?


webMethods does not make source code of its private API methods available.


Thats true Mark. but i am not concerned in looking at the code, but the locating the service.
Can i know in which package/folder the service resides?!


It is not an IS service so it cannot be found in an IS package/folder.

It is a method within the UUID class, which is in the Java package com.wm.util which is stored in client.jar.

If you’re not interested in looking at the source (which is quite simple to achieve with the right tools) what are you after? If you’re looking to use it for your own needs, just call the generate() method. Of course if you do so, such usage isn’t supported by wM and future releases may break your code (though it would seem unlikely).

I found the usage(call) of the generate() method in some java service developed by some person. when i am tracing the code, i found it.
I am also supposed to use this method for generating a unique id for my service.
I tried to find the UUID class in com.wm.util package in Java API, but could not!!.
I found only Values, LocalizedException and Table classes existing and not UUID class!!!

You won’t find it in the API java docs because it is not a part of the public API.

Rob’s point is that customers can use those services but WM does not provide docs or support and does not promise that those methods will be available in future releases or that their signatures will not change without warning.

That said, it is very unlikely that UUID’s generate() method will change.


how does one know that there is a method named “generate()” in UUID class?

One does not unless one examines the contents of the client.jar found in /IntegrationServer/lib. If it were a public API one could reasonably expect documentation such as that found in the existing API java docs.

On the other hand, for a private API one would not expect such things though one might wish for them ever so much.

One might also use a java decompiler (or simply javap) to view the methods contained in UUID.class but, of course, one would be in violation of the license agreements that one’s employer signed with webMethods.


thanks Mark and Rob for ur help