how to execute the task operations from .Net ASP with Anonym

Hi All,

we are devlopeming UserInterface using .Net ASP, here we need to use the TASK Oprations of
webservices with Anonymous credentials, vms014:8585 is my webmethods server, how can i use the operations of this task webservices.

Anil Kumar Ellendula

Hi Anil,

Not sure which version you are using and I cannot say that anonymous access is possible at all. But I would create a role in MWS that contains a technical user for interacting with the TE WS API. The role only needs privileges of type “Impersonation for remote users” or something like that…I don’t know the exact term as I’m not sitting in front of a running MWS. This privilege name is from MWS v8. Use the technical user for TE WS API interaction.


hi all, am using webmethods 8 version.