How to execute EXE from IS

We have an executable program that I would like to IS to execute. Also, I will have to pass one input parameter to the program. Is this possible out-of-the-box?

In 8.x you can use pub.utils:executeOSCommand.

Thanks reamon. I’ve looked at that one and thought it was to execute DOS command but I suppose to see if it can execute a VB.NET program. Hopefully, the build-in service guide have some good documentation on how to use it.

Proceed with caution. If the program called misbehaves it can take down the IS JVM.

Understood. For some reason, I’m not doing something correct. I tried executing the service and receive an error stating the syntax is incorrect. I’ve updated the OSCommand.cnf file as well. Can you try to see if you can get a directory listing for a certain directory?

Input parameter:
command = cmd.exe /c dir
working directory = c:/temp

I believe you should input command as for example unix scenario

sh file (can you try that exe file under the IntegrationServer folder and execute?)


I can’t seem to find it again but I recall seeing info that “in memory” commands such as dir, time and others do not work when shelling out using cmd.exe. It needs to be an “on-disk” command to work. I remember doing this a year a so ago and found it quite odd.

Keep in mind too that no path will be set (if memory serves) so you’ll need to address that in some way. Particularly for .net stuff which undoubtedly will need 100 different DLLs to do Hello World. :wink:

You may also want to use the /d switch.

I’m running IS in Windows so performing unix like scenario is not going to work. I’ve escalated this issue with SAG and lets see what they have to say. The example that I’m using is straight out of the IS built-in services guide.

Sorry I didn’t meant to use unix scenario :slight_smile: