How to end the entire flow?


I am a newbie to wM IS (7.1.2) who needs help.

My main flow executes several level of invoke to other services (nested invoke) and I need to force the termination of the whole flow based on a condition. I can’t do this with the exit step. All my flows have a try/catch block. When I use exit and signal failure in service3, it just takes me back to service2. I need to end everything within service3. Help please. Thanks!

main flow
calls service1
service1 calls service2
service2 calls service3
in service3: end main flow

Generally only top-level services need try/catch blocks. And sometimes even those don’t need them.

One approach–restructure things so that exit will do what you want.

Another–set a flag that each service in the call stack checks.

Thank you!