How to enable resubmission in TN

i am trying to resubmit a document received from a partner which gets picked by process model .

Null pointer exception is encountered with this .

I tried another way -by doc.view and routeXml -->this resulted in below error can not get instance information for conversationId

Am i missing anything in my 9.x configuration ?

Hi, Kiran. Not sure if this applies to your scenario, but if you are to resubmit a flat file, you need to map the service name to TN_parms/$receiveSvc on the original submit in order for the resubmit to work.

Is there any process instance already started and not yet completed with same conversation id?

Probably this might be the reason

Is the conversationid for which you are trying to resubmit is waiting for an Ack/response or starting a new conversation as a whole?

What is your test scenario?