How to download and upload WSDL for adding endpoints


In CentraSite Implementation Concepts - 18 Managing Endpoints

Each time you deploy a native service to an additional endpoint (e.g DEV, SYSTEST, UAT, PROD) you must add the new endpoint
to the service in CentraSite. To do this you:

  1. Download the service WSDL from the CentraSite registry.
  2. Add the endpoint to the WSDL (as an additional port definition).
  3. Reattach the updated WSDL to the service in CentraSite.

My question is

  1. How to download just the WSDL file. Is it possible to download just the WSDL and update the endponts

  2. How to upload just the WSDL file that I just change.
    Do I need to export the whole service (zip) out and update just the wsdl file? and reimport the again?

I think the same think with the XSD changes, how can I download and fix a specific XSD file and upload back into the repository ?

Downloading the wsdl can be achieved the following ways:

1.) on the selected service, in the context menu choose “download documents”

2.) or if you click on the wsdl to display it inline there is a download button on the wsdl viewer

Re-Attaching the wsdl can be performed by

1.) select the service, choose attach wsdl from the context menu

2.) or invoke the wsdl importer, it will detect that a similar wsdl exists and offer you to overwrite or create a new version of it.


when import WSDL eg. with http://localhost:53307/wsstack/services/ImportWsdlService

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