How to Distribute Package


In the case of distributing the package which includes publishable document types from publisher
Intergration Server to subscriber Intergration Server, which of below is suggested to complete it,
following installing the package in subscriber Intergration Server administration page?

  1. Export from server by right-click package in Designer
  2. File → Export the package in Designer
  3. Archive the package in publisher Intergration Server administration page

Thanks in advance.

Any of the way is fine but recommended way is to use Deployer for deploying webMethods Assests

I think you are trying to do via old way or manual package publish/subscribe process.

Please start to using the Deployer tool for deploying all your wM artifacts/assets.

Any reason why you are not using the Deployer UI?


Thank you all for reply!

It seems that I don’t know anything about “Deploy tool”. The webMethods version we use is 8.2.
And this question comes from both development and release(deploy) phase.

Thank you all for reply.

I don’t kown about the “Deloyer tool”. The webMethods version we installed is 8.2.
And this question comes from both Development and Rlease(Deploy) phase.

OK Please install the Deployer from your 822 installer and that downloads WmDeployer package for all your deployment needs.

Please also check the Deployer documentation user guide online via


Hi ,

I have one question regarding of how to export the MWS & IS assets into local or some other target location without deployer?


Please go to Asset Management Tab and export from there.

Syed Faraz Ahmed

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