How to distribute a model across 2 computers

I have successfully experimented with Modeler on a single system; now I want to try distributing steps across 2 computers. When I add a step and try to assign it to a logical server the only server visible in the Modeler-properties drop-down list is Design Server.

I have configured a remote alias with IS Admin, and a logical server with WmAdmin. Both computers us a single broker. What am I missing?

Create two servers - logical servers and point them to the two IS installed.
Assign steps on the model as per your requirements
Make sure that you are using establish correlation in the publish IS and receive the correlation in the subscribing IS.
generate the model.
The model package should get created on both the servers.

Good Luck,

If I understand your comments correctly, you have a problem configuring your logical servers. The easier test is to follow the steps below.

  1. Open Modeler, logon to the IS instance you are interested in.
  2. Click on the server connections link (Sessions → Server Connections)

You should see at least 3 entries there.

  1. Design Server
  2. IS1
  3. IS2

If you are only seeing Design Server, it means you have an issue with Logical Server Configuration. You should follow the documentation for creating Logical Servers for Modeler section. From your comments above, it looks like you have gone through the documentation, but I still think there is something you have missed. The steps below are not complete but you can use it as guidelines.

  1. Logon to IS Administration Page.
  2. Select Remote Servers, and add 2 remote servers (e.g. RS_IS1, RS_IS2).
  3. Go to WmAdmin Package on the design Server
  4. Add 2 Logical Servers (IS1 (RS_IS1), IS2 (RS_IS2)) Pointing to the 2 Remote Servers you have created in Set 2
  5. Add a Resource Folder (e.g. Modeler_Resources)
  6. Add the 2 Logical Servers you have created in step 4 to the Resource Folder Create in Step 5.

Execute the above Test again to verify if the Server Connections are there or not. If you can see 3 as mentioned before, now you should be able to assign the 2 Logical Servers you have just created to any step you want. If not there is an issue (post it back we can think about it).

Ram Challuri