How to display Tasks with Filter Rules in Custom Inbox?

I have a requirement of displaying tasks with filter rules in custom inbox, is there anyway through which i can show the list of tasks with filter rules?

I do not seem to understand exactly what you are trying to achieve, could you provide more details please.

Is this is about Filter rules which you create in the task rules editor in the Designer and you want to optionally disable/enable this filtering when in the custom inbox? If so at present there is no way to control this from custom inbox search.

Please let us know if this is what you are trying to do, then we could think about possible workarounds for you


Yes this is what i am trying to acheive - my actual requirement is that

  1. I have created a Filter rule on few of my tasks which checks the system current date with the followup date in Task Data, if followup date is smaller or equal - then this rule returns true.

  2. My custom inbox by default displays all those tasks whose filter rule returns true.

  3. Now, i want to add a button “Show Expected Tasks” in my custom inbox, action on this button will display all the tasks irrespective of the filter rule (whether it returns true or false).

This is what i am trying to do.

Thank you for providing details. This use case is better off to be implemented just using custom inbox search query. One of the query terms of the query would match match against follow up date. Then you have full control from inbox bar to turn it on and off.

Please look at the advantage article about custom inboxes: