how to disable log "No condition matches in trigger"

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I have implemented a system with IS+Broker, only one document publishable and some triggers each with a filter. When the filter condition matches for one of the triggers in the IS Server log are written the entry “No condition matches in trigger …” for the others triggers.
I’d like to know how to disable such message for the triggers that don’t match the filter condition.
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I found the solution on advantage

You should change the filter condition to use lexical relational operators. Eg. if you are using a filter like “%foo% <= 100”, change it to “foo L_LESS_THAN 100” (both examples are without the quotes).

You found the solution - the first way you had your filters configure were actually running on the IS server instead of the broker. This does work but generates the messages you saw. It also is slower than the broker from a performance standpoint especially if the filters are residing on the IS side. Changing to the lexical operators causes the filter to be saved and applied on the broker.

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thank you for the explanation!

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