How to determine all access right of a user

Hi all,

is there a simple way to query the access rights of a user for all resources on TWS.

I have the gut feeling it may be possible via DASL, but can’t find a way, how to do it.


Hi Guido,

as permissions of a specific user on a resource are calculated at runtime it is not possible to query the access rights of a specific user e.g. via DASL. This calculation depends on the currently used ACL semantic and is based on the ACL definition of the resource and the inherited ACLs from its ancestors. DASL does not supply an appropriate operator for your query, IMO.
However, a possible solution could be a new REPORT, which calculates and returns the users access rights on a resource (and with a depth header of infinite for all nested resources too). For one of our projects we also have the requirement for such a Report. We want to suggest this Report at the webdav-acl standard.

Best regards


Thanks for the info Eckehard!