how to detect web service time out


I have a web service implemented in .NET. I created a web service connector to consume this web service. For some unknown reason, sometimes this web service return a time out. Is there a way to detect this time out in flow service?



First, don’t use the Flow generated by the web services connector wizard as is. Always, modify it to externalize the soap endpoint address and improve error handling at a minimum.

On a past project, we dealt with this by invoking the pub.client:soapHTTP on a separate thread using the Service.doInvoke() method. Then we set a timeout on the pub.sync:wait call and enclosed it in its own try-catch block so that we could handle the timeout gracefully.

Lots of threads here at wMUsers on how to create a java service that uses the Service.doInvoke() method.

Of course, it goes without saying that you need some type of service level agreement (SLA) with the provider of the web service you are consuming to spell out what constitutes acceptable response times.