How to deploy an ESB that uses JMS

We have registered this morning, as we are going to start a project using JMS but the customer is using SoftwareAG solution with an ESB and they want us to adapt our solution to your suite.

We are trying to deploy some kind of trial or demo version, as we are interested in checking if we can connect easily both JMS clients side through your ESB. There is a lot of solutions and softwares available, and we do not have clear what should we use.

Is it possible to have some orientation and guidance through this?

Thanks in advance

This might not be the right place to get the help you are looking for. You can reach out to the SAG Sales folks for the client and they will be able to assist you properly with your needs.

Having said that, SAG ESB(webMethods) comes with an in-built messaging product. It could either be the webMethods Broker or SAG Universal Messaging server(UMS). If your solution is looking to bridge to webMethods over JMS then you can connect using the JMS jars that comes with Broker or UMS installation(using connection factories). For Broker there is a Java/.NET API available and same is the case with UMS. You could also connect to UMS over web and mobile, if your client has the license for it.

There are different ways to interact with webMethods other than JMS… SOAP\REST\Files\Integration Server Java.NET API calls\Schedule Jobs etc.

Hi Miguel Sánchez Belenguer there are more than one option, as previously told, you can use UM for JMS so that you can have a native integration with ESB. But if you are using any other MQ such as IBM MQ you can use MQ adapter as well. So It is better to clarify the environment and components first, Also shortly you can the below document,


you can use any JMS Provider you want as long as you have the appropriate JNDI ContextFactory and JMS API Classes available.

IntegrationServer (the ESB) itself does not contain any JMS Provider, it is a separate product.
When using messaging inside webMethods Suite depending on wM version you can use either Broker (deprecated meanwhile) or UniversalMessaging for publish/subscribe as well as for JMS Partners.