How to Delete FilePooling ports from WmRoot?

Hello Wm Developers, i wanted to ask, so i accidentally created FilePooling Ports on WMRoot package, when i changed the FilePooling package to the correct package it said, Duplicate Alias on File Pooling Ports on my Package. so i tried to delete FilePooling Ports that attached to the wmRoot package but it keeps appearing after restarting the Integration Server, any experience about this?

Bump, Need Answer to this issues

Unable to reproduce this issue, please share

  • product version/core fix levels,

  • detailed error when you tried to change the package ,

  • any message about file polling port in server log during startup.


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Is this on your API GW instance?


@Venkata_Kasi_Viswanath_Mugada1 ,
Sounds similar to Integration Server: How to persistently change the Administrator password? - Forum - webMethods - Software AG Tech Community & Forums , supports the case for a read only IS Admin UI if it is API GW env.

Hi Vincent,

you can try the following:

go your file system under IntergrationServer/instances/default/packages/WmRoot/config folder where you have your wM Suite installed.

Open the ports.cnf file with an text editor and search for your file polling port.
Delete the xml structure for this port and save it.

After that restart your IS and the port should be gone.

Eventually you have to stop the IS before editing the config file.


Precisely and hence my question, NP :slight_smile:

@Holger_von_Thomsen, good idea - that may work but updating the config directly comes with a risk.
@mcser76, test this out on a lower environment and take a backup before you change in on a live server.


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Hi Kasi,

sure, but if the cannot be deleted via IS Admin UI, this is the only possibility I know of where the port can be deleted.

Nevertheless this will only work (both ways, via UI or config) when the port is not the default port for the IS (unlikely for file polling ports) and is hopefully disabled via UI before trying to delete so that the file polling handle on the file system can be closed.


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Understood Holger, let me share my thought-process behind the risk comment -

I’d like to understand WHY this isn’t being deleted from the IS Admin in the first place as that’s a standard action, before settling for a workaround. If it turns out to be an API GW instance, then I don’t know if deleting from the backend will cause a conflict with further consequences, because of the link that Nagendra shared above (link).


Hello, im sorry for the late response, it’s an Integration Server instances, i will try to see the ports.cnf file first

Modifying ports.cnf is a workaround, but to find the root cause, in addition to checking items here, How to Delete FilePooling ports from WmRoot? - #3 by Nagendra_Prasad_A_R
I would also suggest to check any custom packages /services that might end up in indirectly creating the file polling port on IS startup.

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