how to delete duplicate processing rules in 6.5 TN version

Hi all,

I have taken bakup for TN complete export in 6.5. and imported in TN. existing processing rules are duplicated. can i delete duplicate processing rules directly ? without any impact on server and coding packages?

and i have one more query this kind of issue can we face in 8.2 ? please let me know.

Please suggest me how to approch ?


Exporting tn assets from one version and importing in another version is not supported. How many processing rules are you speaking about? If it is less, recreate them. If it is more, use dbconfigurator and migrate the entire tn db (to a temporary database).


If you are doing the same in 8.2 you need to migrate TN db from 6.5 → 8.2.2…not works just with export/import style…pls review the 82_sp2_upgrade guide for more information.