How to deal with namespace prefixes in the input signature of a connector

Hello Everyone,

I have a situation where I am creating a few web service connectors from a single WSDL. The connector input/output signatures are a bit complex. The WSDL imports a few XSDs. Now after creating the connectors , I see that many elements with in the input signature of the connector have namespace prefixes like ns11, ns12 and so on. I don’t even have them in the WSDL or XSD. I have made all elementFormDefault=“unqualified” . Still I am unsure how webmethods is determining these prefixes . Can someone help me understand this behavior and then suggest a way to get away with this ?

Thanks a lot.

Let me have a look at the wsdl.

Unfortunately , the service contract belongs to a financial organization and hence can not be shared. I realize it would have been way to easier to understand the problem with it.

Which version of wM are you using?

If I remember right, there has been a fix lately for some versions dealing with something related to this.


wM 9.6 - Core fix 5

wsebMethods creates those namespace prefix automatically to have a unique representation of the variables ;
How is it causing an issue for you ?

Thanks Suresh. The issue that I face is that , if there was a change in the WSDL and issues by the provider again. At the time of re-creation / refresh of the connection , it generates a new set of NS prefix. This makes the document change completely and developers need to redo the mapping.

P.S. - I have noticed that this is not always the case when we refresh the connector. But always when re-created.