How to customize My Inbox using Shell?

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Is there anyway i can edit the My Inbox UI screen in Shell so that i can remove unwanted links, title bar etc ?

I am planning to give a hyper link from my web application to show the My inbox to the user. So i don’t want to show all the functionalities of My inbox to them.

They just need to see, Task ID, Task Type and Priority. So i am looking for a way to edit the default My inbox Page in Shell in order to customize it

Please help me on this as early as you can, Thanks in advance

By editing the shell you can change the header and footer section, but you can’t modify the actual My Inbox in terms of controlling which fields to show (in your example only Task ID, Task Type, Priority).
The Inbox portlet allows to be edited (click on the edit icon in the portlet titlebar) it can be defined which fields should be displayed and in which order. This is also described in the Task Engine User’s Guide.
Alternatively, you can generate your custom task inbox in Designer. This is described in the webMethods Designer online Help under “webMethods Task Development >> Working with custom task inboxes”.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks, i was able to achive this by creating a custom inbox portlet.