How to create/use .NET service

Greetings Community,

I would like to know how to create a .NET service for webMethods. I can see an option to create .Net service in service designer as shown below:


But when I try create .Net service I see following screen/error message with disabled Next/Finish button:

I am not sure why I am getting this error and how to fix it

Can someone pls help me understand how I can create a .net service?

If anyone in community already have implemented/experimented it then please let me know high level sequence of steps


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.NET services need some environment setup, please check the Building Services From.NET methods in Service Development guide for more details.


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Can you tell me some high level steps of configuring the environment for .NET Services please?

The link referred to earlier has the information you are looking for in the sections

  • Environment Setup for Creating .NET Services
  • .NET Service Editor
  • Creating a .NET Service
  • Modifying the .NET Assembly Information
  • Modifying the Class Lifetime for a .NET Service
  • Running a .NET Service in Designer
    Please check if this doesn’t work for you and reach out.


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Where I can find this webMethods Microsoft Package

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