How to Create the Session Explicitly Using Flow or Java Code

Hi All,

I’m looking for some help here to figure out how to create the session Explicitly using Flow or Java code.

Let me brief the use case that we are trying now.

  1. Front End is a website with 80 to 90 percent static pages [no web server] .
  2. SAG webMethods ESB [9.8 version] exposed rest API’s to Front End website with basic auth.
  3. webMethods fetching the data from the back end database.


First API is to validate the login Credentials. For which web Methods fetches the details from DB and validates and sent the response back to the website.After validation the ask is to create the session for the logged in user from webMethods layer and sent back the session cookie back to the client in the same API response.

we thought of the going for stateful but the Integration Server will create the session for the user that is getting authenticated at server level in this case that is nothing but the basic auth user id not the actual website user id.

Hence trying to find some info an creating the session explicitly.

let me know if you need any other information.

Just keep in mind that, REST calls are always stateless.