How to create soap header (soapHeaders) in v7.1.1?


I have generated a web service connector using the web service descriptor. The web connector call the pub.client.soapClient built-in service to make a soap call. As part of the same call, I would like to send a soapHeader information. One of the input to the pub.client:soapClient is soapHeaders. Can I make use of this input to send the soap header I would like to create. If so, could some one help me what and how to set the values to the soapHeaders parameter? The header I would like to set is,

<wsa:MessageID xmlns:wsa="[/size][SIZE=1][COLOR=#0000ff]">[/color]WsAddressingFreyaClient|Wed Jul 16 09:59:33 BST 2008|urn:guid:B3CB2D97-2677-E45D-B58E-3055224F613A</wsa:MessageID>

Thanks in advance.


You have to utilize these message-composition services for Headers/body content into soapData…


Avoid using soapClient service in IS 7.1.1…


Why is that? Not doubting it is true, but can you cite a reference for this advice?


Thanks RMG, but what is the issue with pub.client.soapClient service?

My understanding is that soapClient service is automatically generated using WSDL. I have tried in the test environment and it works fine. Please share if there is a major problem with the service.

Any idea if we can use the web service descriptor to create a soap header handler. I tried but it is not allowing me to add the header information other than WS Security Handler document.

Any help on this is much appreciated.


I read the info about using soapClient somewhere in advantage…may be i understood differently…

Please check this SR closure,similar to your issue

Did you try the addHeaderEntry service?


Where can I call the addHeaderEntry if I am using a web connector which is expecting an input document. The soapdata is done internally in the soapClient service. I think we do not need to do explicitly in v7.1.1

I think we need to use the WSD add header handlers feature. But I never used it.

I am still opening the link you have provided.


The advantage thread does mention about using the soap header handler in the WSD. The statement
"To manually contral soap headers, besides using SOAP processor, we can also use Header Handler, which is associated with web service descriptor. "
does give a clue to use WSD feature.

Any ideas how to add header handler to WSD ?


Also you can review the SOAP_Developer’s_Guide_7_1.pdf…reg manually adding Headers and Web Services Developer’s Guide reg WSDescriptor…


Creating custom header handlers involves writing Java-based JAX-RPC handlers and is a more advanced development task. Ask Support for the examples of doing this that Product Development have prepared.


So, was there any foundation for your suggestion to not use pub.client:soapClient beyond “I read it somewhere?”




I rollback my statement…no confusion…

I have to look for that article in Advantage to get more clear…

If you find the reference, please update us. I had not seen this anywhere previously, but it could certainly be the case.