How to create Generic Flat File Schema

I want to create Generic Flat file schema where document record validation is not needed .All it is required is to take doc from receiving end point and pass it on to destination end point thru WM.I want to create generic schema where by i dont have to do records definition in schema/dictionary and then validate the file against schema in flow service.
Is it possible to create a generic schema where by documents be just passed to convertToValue and error like “Found no valid record” can be avoided by not putting it to validate against any records definition.

If all that is to be done is to pass the data thru, don’t convertToValues at all. Just read the bytes and transfer them.

This still needs to go thru broker so I need to convert those bytes into a publishable type of docs …how do I convert bytes/inputStream to doc without convertToValues ?


You can define a broker document that has just one field holding raw bytes. Read the bytes and map them to that field in a document. I presume the file is not huge.

I’m curious as to why this would be published? If the integration components are doing anything other than transport, what is the value of using Broker in this integration? Indeed, what is the value of using the wM suite?