How to create external ID types in a cluster

We are having an issue in TN 4.6 where an external ID type is manually created on one node of the cluster, but is not seen by the other node of the cluster. A restart of the IS has no effect. All other aspects of the cluster are working properly. Creating an identical external ID type on the second node is not okay because it is given a different number. The external ID type is being stored in the repository, but simply cannot be seen by the second node. Thanks for any help or thoughts that can be offered!!

Andrew, I’m assuming you’re already sharing the same instance of the TN database amongst all the servers in the cluster - just double-check the database aliases as defined on each server.

The Advantage TN FAQ (See [url=“”][/url]) seems to address your question:

"Q Configuration changes to one clustered Trading Networks server are not reflected by other Trading Networks in the same cluster sharing the same database.

A This is currently by design. It is expected that a future release of the product will allow Trading Networks to dynamically refresh configuration information that has been changed via one instance of the Trading Networks server. The current way to refresh this configuration information is to reload the Trading Networks package on the servers where the change has not been made. "

Yet, you state that restarting the other server did not resolve the issue. Could you provide some more detail on your TN database configuration the clustered servers.