How to Create Database Connection related Log

Actually we have ODBC Adapter connecting DB2 Database. Once or twice a week, I Donno, Something happens and the Adapter hangs when the integration is run. I think that concerns Database.

  1. Is there any problems in ODBC driver. We are using this driver, since the time JDBC had not been launched for connection. Little hesitant in changing.

  2. Any ways we can find out what exactly the error is, by reading the logs etc, so that we can solve that instantly and proceed rather than wait for whole day staring at the box.

Please Help

Is the DB2 instance “recycled” periodically? At a previous job, DB2 was configured to drop all connections every night. The ODBC adapter didn’t like that at all and had to be restarted. We set up a “AT” job (Windows equivalent to cron) to bounce the adapter each morning and this did the trick.