How to create a Webservice request sent from SAP to a partner

We use SAP Adapters to call BAPI’s in SAP from a third party, but how do I create a reverse flow? A program from SAP needs to call the SAP adapter and send data to the third party?

Can you try wrapping the sap adapter service in a flow and expose it as soap ws or rest url.


assuming the following:
ThirdParty uses WebService
SAP-System uses RFC-Connections

In this case you can agree with the SAP-System on a Program-ID they send their data ot, which you can monitor with a SAP Adapter Listener. Then use a SAP Adapter Listener Notification for the function call or to receive an IDoc the data is assigned with.
In the processing service you can then map this to the WebService documents and call third party web service via pub.client:soapHTTP.

See SAP Adapters Users Guide for further informations.