How to create a link to the column vlaues in a table ?


I was with a requirement-

In a Customers table, we have a customer Id column ( having the Id’s of the customers ). Now I want to have a link to every customer Id in that column, so when i click on a single customer Id, I must be getting the value of the customer Id which i clicked. As the table is a dynamic table being generated from the DB, the number of rows are not constant. So how can i get the value of the selected link. ??

plz help me in this req.

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  • Naidu

Can one help me in this…

I have a customer table. when i click on a customer, the control must be directed to that corresponding customer page which was clicked.

For this, how can i get the value of the customer name, which is being clicked in the table.

plz make your valuable suggestions over this. .

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there are different ways of doing this. For me the simplest one would be to put a command link in the table (with the customer id or customer name as label). In the action bound to that command link, you can get the current row from the table provider (I assume you have used one) and in it you have the info you were looking for.

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Hi Naidu,
When you say directed assuming its a different view.
If thats the case, then create a preference to hold the customeraccountid, say selectedCustAcctID.
Add a command link to the customer id and add a control parameter specifying
name : selectedCustAcctID
value : customer account id value from control scoped variables

In the action property, just specify the view name to where it has to navigate.
When you hover over the command link, you’ll be able to see that the preference is being set to that particular row’s customer account id