How to create a html template and pass it as an object or string to smtp

We are trying to create a html template which takes in some columns from database and poplulates the template and then passes the object created to an smtp service where it gets emailed to the concerned person.

any help would be appreciated

Hi. Let me be sure I have the solution description in order:

  1. Flow is used to extract data from a database table
  2. Output is formatted as HTML based on a template
  3. Formatted HTML is emailed to a target email address

Each of these steps are distinct. Tell me where you are finding trouble and hopefully, I (or somebody else!) can help.



give me ur e-mail id so that I can send an example flow which is doing same thing…


Mani, you can also post your example flow at the Web site. [url=“”]

I am sure your example flow will be helpful to all of us. Thanks.

I just posted it there.