How to create a Delta/Incremental KPI in MWS/Optimize v7.0?

We use MWS/Optimize for Infrastructure v7.0 to monitor the performances of the flow services on various webM Intergation Servers (v6.1).

For this purpose, we have used the 3 KPIs:
1> Cumulative Count of IS Service Run.
2> Cumulative Run-Time Taken by IS Service.
3> Average Run-Time Taken by IS Service (which is Cumulative Run-Time devided by Cumulative Count).

Now we want to have 3 more KPIs which gives Delta values for each time period:
1> Count of IS Service Run for the time period.
2> Total Run-Time Taken by IS Service for the time period.
3> Average Run-Time Taken by the IS Service for that time period.

Please let me know how can I get these Delta value for each time period in the graph. Looks like the v6.5 of MWS/Optimize had the DELTA available.
But the current v7.0 has got rid of DELTA.

How can I implement this DELTA (values in each time period) in v7.0?

Bhawesh Singh.