How To create a Cyclone xmlsoaplike document


I want to send a document to a customer that uses Cyclone.

The document looks as in the attachment (cyclone_sample.xml)

I created a Document Type in the developper by using “” (as it appears in the xmlns for <ipp>).

My problem are :

  • the document type created does not hold the xmlns, xsi, … attributes, only a @id appears

  • when I convert into string (using WmPublic/pub.xml:documentToXMLString) an ouput document filled with datas, I get “<AdministrativeInfo>my datas</AdministrativeInfo>” instead of having “<cop:AdministrativeInfo>my datas</cop:AdministrativeInfo>” (see the missong “cop:” statement)

How should I work to create a correct ouput document ?



Cyclone_sample.xml (5.0 k)


I presume Administrative Info as a Document type.when you create the document, prefix it as cop:Administrative Info.even if it is only a field also,prefix it with cop.likewise with all the other tags.and if you need an xmlns attribute,add a @xmlns:cop field under the document and give it the value “[url=“Axway API management platform, MFT & B2B integration”]Axway API management platform, MFT & B2B integration”.


Rename your document to include the prefix (e.g. cop:AdministrativeInfo), then in the pub.xml:DocumentToString step, populate the nsdecls record with the prefix “cop” and the correct namespace (“”, in your case).



thank you both for your answers !

BTW, per the XML Schema specification, adding a prefix to an XML element and specifying the namespace definition in an “xmlns prefix=” clause is called namespace qualifying the element. This is used to distinguish between identically named elements.

When you namespace qualify an element, the default behavior is for any children of that element to inheirit that namespace definition. It is not necessary (although it is valid) to add the prefix to each of those element names as well.

So, in the sample document you attached, since the “OrganizationProfile” element is namespace qualified, it is not necessary to add the “cop” prefix to its children (e.g. “AdministrativeInfo”)