How to Create a admin Flow


Anybody tried to create a flow, which will take a backup of existing package and put it in a specific folder. The idea is to automate the backup process whenever a new version of that package needs to be installed on the production. When I opened that dsp page (wmRoot/package-release-selection.dsp) it seems they are using wm.server.replicator:packageUnrelease but I don’t know how to find some documentation for these services. Advanced Business partner Integration for Developers guide just gives idea about how to get the invoked service not the documentation about the service. We are using B2B 4.0.2 thats the reason we want to build this service.


Hi Muru,
I’ve just uploaded a little service that do something like this.
You can find it in shareware section, it’s called “PackagesStore”.



Hi Bernardo,

I downloaded and installed that package. It created a package but nothing is showing under package its just empty. Am I doing something wrong?.


Hi Muru,
the .zip file you downloaded is not a “complete” package, but only an “export” of a folder (or interface) of an existing package, made through the export feature of the developer.
You should create a new package, then a new folder, and then unzip the file under the packages\package_name\ns\folder_name\ folder of the server.
You must also reload the package and probably recompile the java class to make it work.
Sorry for that, I will soon upload a new version that can be imported as a standard package.