How to copy services from a server to desktop and deploy it on another computer

yHow to copy services from a server to desktop and deploy it on another computer which has webmethods–

I have some services on the server at work i want to copy those services and deploy them to my desktop cause i dont have a vpn access and want to work from home
please help me out on this


just want to copy the files and then work on it in my desktop

Hi ,

Its already in you system folder if you want to copy the only flow service…
go to IS Floder --> Package–>then your projectPackagename–> ns–>flow service–>you can find ther flowserviceName.xml copy it and paste it in where you want to…then reload the PK where you will place it.

i am accessin the server through my laptop --the flow services are saved on the server not my computer so i want to access those which are on the server . i just know the port number of the server for webmethods only

Generally, don’t move individual services. Work at the package level. Use Developer/Designer to export the package from your work server, then import to your local server. Then do the reverse when you’re done with local work. Key to this is making sure you’re the only one making changes to the package during this time (which should generally be the case anyway).

If you really, really want to work only at the service level (which I strongly discourage) use Developer/Designer to connect to both your work and local IS instances and copy/paste the service(s) you’re working on.

I would very strongly suggest to NOT copy service artifacts at the file level.

how can i move with the developer this being the office laptop there are certain restrictions

In Developer, select the package you want to export. Select File | Export to save the package to your laptop.

Copy the zip file to the replicate/inbound directory of your local IS. Use IS Administrator to import and activate it. Use Developer to connect to your local IS and edit away.

When ready to move the package back to the work IS (I assume you do not have file level access to the IS server nor IS Administrator?) use Developer to connect to both your local IS and your work IS at the same time. On your work IS, use Developer to delete the package. Then in Developer select the package on your local IS. Select Edit | Copy from the menu (or press Ctrl+C). Then select your work IS and select Edit | Paste (or press Ctrl+V). That will copy the package–assuming you have the proper privileges to do so.

Follow the same copy/paste steps if you want to mess with just services instead of the complete package. Pretty basic stuff…