How to convert xmlString to Document

Hi dear community,

I have one question for you.
I’m not sure to well understood two services and their uses.

What I want to do :

I have in Input : a string that contains xmlString (And when I see the pipeline is ok, I get every information)
I want in output : A document that I created from xsd file.

So I get this :
1/ one input as a String (xmlString) called it : myXmlString
2/ one xsd document in the package : canonical.xsd.mySchema
3/ one document in the package : canonical.doc.myDoc created from canonical.xsd.mySchema

What I did

Well I try this procedure

1/ First step : pub.xml.xmlStringToXMLNode
Input : xmldata = myXmlString and isXML = true
Output : Node of type Object

2/ Second step : pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument
Input : Node
Output : Document

The first step is ok, but the second step failed with java.null.pointerexception.

I don’t know exactly what happened, and also I’m not sure about both service uses. Maybe I have forget sometimes ?

There is one thing that is not cleared for me : what we don’t put somewhere canonical.xsd.mySchema or canonical.doc.myDoc