How to Convert RecordList into XML Data

Hi All,
I want to convert a recordList in to a XML data but should be stored in a single string how to do this any tips.

If you are using the webMethods Record List construct, then use the service “pub.web:recordToDocument”, mapping your Record List to the Service In variable “boundNode”. The output of this service is “xmldata”, a string representation of your original Record List.

You can then use “xmldata” as the input to your next Flow step.

If you need to display the XML document stored as “xmldata” in a browser, be sure to set the variable “addHeader” equal to “true”. The Built-In Services Guide PDF can explain the rest of the input parameters for you.

Hi ,

I am developing a B2B service to convert record to xml file based on schema.
Could you please tell me hoe to set up the schema information and map it to generate a xml file,

I also have to loop thru the records to generated the xml file.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


HI Muru,

Construct a record structure having a recordlist inside it which will be same as the recordlist thats getting generated.

for example:

now map the recordList to this recordList inside the record.
and use the recordToDocument as Dan said.

AS per Dan if u map recordList directly to boundNode only the first record will be in document and thats get generated into XML and rest gets ignored.Sorry if i’m wrong but i have tried this.
If you have further queries… mail me i can send a sample package…

Hi Prabhu,

Please upload the sample package in the shareware section so that we can also use it.It is a general problem for generating XML file.


Hi all,

I have uploaded a sample to convert RecordList to XML.
It is self explanatory.
Any queries feel free to mail me.


Hi Prabhu,

Thank you very much for sample and will definitely get back to you for any queries.