How to convert positional flat file with header and trailer to document type using connector

I am Receiving Positional flat file which contain Header, Body, and Trailer.
How can Convert to the document type by ignoring Header and Trailer.
Bellow is the format of flat file structure

I have created the connector only for the body and during execution of only body it is working nicely.
So to make the full input file I have created a flow service in which I have removed the header and trailer part and then converting into the document. While doing so the character are getting misplaced and the data in the document type is not assigning correctly

How I can overcome this ?

Hi Deepak,

can you provide ScreenShot from your FlatFile connector, please?
Additionally provide a screenshot with the misplaced data in comparison to the expected data.
Remember to specify the correct character encoding when converting from FlatFile to document so the connector can identify the positions correctly.

Did you check the FlatFile Users Guide if it might be possible to specify a Header record (identified by “TSI01*”), a Body record format (identified by “HED*”) and a Trailer record format (identified by “TSI99*”)?
If this is possible, you will hopefully get a document with 3 entries (Header, Body, Trailer), from which you can extract the Body for further processing.


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Appreciated your reply.

Now, the convert to document type is working fine now. I made change in the position of the record definition of flat file connecter.

“”““Did you check the FlatFile Users Guide if it might be possible to specify a Header record (identified by “TSI01*”)””"
Are you taking about record identifier

. if yes could you please explain more. because every time I am switching on it is throwing error while running…

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