How to construct hash signature in

Hi All,

I would like to know how to construct hash signature in

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Hi Aneel,
Can you please explain little bit more on use case?

Vikash Sharma

Hello Vikash,

I would like to connect with Cosmos DB and use the HTTP protocol to perform operations such as updating, getting, and deleting data. According to the Developer Guide, it mentions that I need to use Hash Signature to connect with Cosmos DB.

Could you please assist me in understanding how to connect to Cosmos DB and perform Get, Put, Post, and Delete operations?"

If you have any specific questions or need further guidance, feel free to ask!

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any one could you please help me here

Hi Aneel,
I have created a sample account of COSMOSDB on Azure.
And i tried connecting to it from integration using predefined connector available.
I need to pass only http URL along with access key.
It has not asked for any hash signature.

I am assuming you are using predefined connector.

May i know if this helps you.

Vikash Sharma

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Hi Vikash,

Thanks for reply and you time i was trying to establish a connection with Cosmos DB using REST connectors to perform operations like GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE.

My Requirement is I need to get and post the data from Cosmos DB with Http methods(get, post, put & Del) . Could you please Guide me or Advise me best approach

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Aneel_Chaladi,
As we have predefined cosmos database connector available out of the box.
It is recommended to use the predefined connector.
In the predefined connector we do provide the option to create custom operation as per you needs.
Let me know of you are facing any blocker while using predefined connector.

Vikash Sharma

Hi Vikas,

Thanks again for your revert… as we aware cosmos DB will store data in Document structure

. here is the one same data

Example 1:

“id”: “ced4b3b6-f55d-11ed-a05b-0242ac120003”,
“OrganisationName”: “Airobot Dynamics Ltd”,
“MobileNumber”: “+44123478490”,
“Location”: [
“CountryName”: “United Kingdom”,
“CountryISO”: “Uk”,
“CityName”: “HighWycombe”,
“PostCode”: “HP123RQ”
“CountryName”: “Scotland”,
“CountryISO”: “GB-SCT”,
“CityName”: “8 Tweedvale Mills East”,
“PostCode”: “EH43 6AB”
“CreatedDateTime”: “2023-05-18T12:34:56Z”,
“LastModifiedDateTime”: “2023-05-18T13:45:30Z”,
“LastModifiedbyUserId”: “”,
“IsTrashed”: false

this above data will be available in some ABC Container . Now i need Update the above date using…

Update can be total data or it can be single field.

hi @Aneel_Chaladi ,
It depneds hwo we have inserted the document.
When ever we upload any document it creates the document ID.
In my opinion document can be updates based in document ID.
But you need to try it.

Vikash sharma

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