How to connect two IS using Websphere MQ


I need to exchange business docs between two IS. The both IS are in different network and should communicate via firewall.

Now the requirement is to connect these two IS by MQ series.(prefered)
Now I am new to this MQ series and can read the doc only on Monday when Iam back in office.Mean time can any one give me the steps that I need to take up to establish this connection.


Why would you use MQ to connect two Integration Servers? :confused: Hint - Use the webMethods Broker. You could also have them talk view web services.


Iam not sure why they prefer MQ series.
But I want how to connect 2 IS by MQ Series (adapter ??)


It is absolutely not necessary to place a messaging provider (Broker, JMS, MQ Series, etc) between two Integration Servers in order for them to communicate. IS can use built-in service pub.remote:invoke to invoke a service on any IS that has been configured in the remote servers settings. In addition, one IS can post an XML doc to another over HTTP/S, consume a web service exposed by the other IS, send it email or FTP it a file. There are so many ways to accomplish this without messaging in the middle.

But perhaps the organization has standardized on Websphere MQ Series and wants to force it between every nook and cranny of the enterprise architecture at the bequest of their friendly IBM sales rep.

Regardless of the motivation, you need to obtain a license for the webMethods MQ Series adapter for each IS, configure an adapter connection to an MQ Series server and then develop message handling services to allow one IS to send messages to the second IS and vice versa. The webMethods MQ Series Adapter Users Guide covers how to use it’s adapter services to send and receive messages as well as how to create an adapter notification to monitor an MQ Queue to listen for messages.

In response to an inquiry I sent last week, WM Support confirmed that the webMethods MQ Adapter now supports Websphere MQ 6.x although this is not stated in the User’s Guide.



Ask why my friend. A lot of needless complex solutions get delivered because folks don’t ask.

As for the solution, messaging is better in my experience, be it MQ or broker. When possible persit locally and then have the messaging sub system transmit to the remote queue. That’s built in reliability versus having to code around a failed call plus the broker gateway gives you the ability to pause things when the firewall or remote site is having issues.

As far as MQ goes, you could use the Adapter (we use it and it works pretty well, not for IS to IS though :smiley: ). You can also use MQ JMS provider and you would not need the MQ adapter. You will need the provider JMS jars from MQ and the JMS Adapter for the IS server which is free.

I understand that in the next release (7.x) of IS it will be possible to use IS triggers to directly consume JMS messages from a queue or topic. This would be a great feature and would make working with Websphere MQ’s JMS provider even easier.

I heard that as well along with the web services enhancements which will be nice. :smiley: Of course the industry will have moved on again by then. :frowning: