How to connect TN and IS running on different server.


Due to the requirement of high availability, we have installed TN on separate machine than IS. TN server do have its own little IS so that TN can work but our IS is on different machine where our actual services are running. Now once the transaction comes in on TN, i want to call a service running on IS which is on separate machine. However i see only local IS packages of TN machine when i go to action in processing rule.

How can i configure TN so that i can see the packages from IS running on different machine.



IMO, you need to change the architecture a little bit to tackle the high volume. Two ISes talk efficiently through a broker. So you need to start publishing document from TN to IS1, IS2, … through a broker/brokers. You need to explore different pub-sub mechanism based on native broker or JMS.



You could invoke services from another IS in different ways…

  1. Using pub.remote:invoke
  2. Using pub/sub mechanism as Rankesh suggested
  3. Using web services (by making one as Provider, one as Consumer)

Is your requirement to handle high volume or high availability? You should think of clustering both IS’es and using a common TN db pool for both the servers…



Yes I agree with Senthil and those are the 3 options works as a life line as per your requirement…If you want a high availability (HA) how many IS/TN’s currently installed in production cluster and are they on same DB accessing?