How to configure Trusted certificate in Trading Networks?


We are trying to configure the certificate (.cer) for the partner profile. The following procedure followed,

  1. Private key created (.key)
  2. CSR created and sent to Verisign
  3. Verisign supplied the signed certificate (.cert)
  4. we have converted the cerficate to .cer format
  5. tried to load the certificate in the profile. this does not work, throws the exception "Bad certificate chain for usage sign: Certificate chain contains a single certificate, and that certificate is not self-signed. "

    Do we need CA certificate as well? if so please suggest how to configure CA certificate along with the certificate supplied by verisign. I have managed to extract the CA certificate from the certificate already.

    Am I missing something in the configuration?


Since we are using HTTP (not HTTPS), we configured the CA certificate and a private key in the profile ( as it is not allowing us to add both CA and a certificate) encrypt/decrypt tab.

Could someone let us know if this is the right approach, considering that we are not HTTPS?