How to configure pub.client:http headers for Cookies when need to connect to another page

Dear Forum,

I have service which has to grab page content from another server for further processing.
The page requires login, but it accept cookies in order to skip the login.

I would like to use pub.client:http, however I am not able to configure “headers” document for Cookies.

I know that as client I have to setup Cookies: name=user_account; … and further parameters.

If I use linux command wget (by ps.util.system:executeOSCommand) with syntax wget --user-agent=WGET --load-cookies=/tmp/rudo.cookie --no-proxy http:// i am getting proper content.

Even if “headers” for the service was setup with similar way:
Cookies=name=user_account; domain=; path=/webapps; Secure=FALSE; HttpOnly=FALSE; Expires=1384608000; <auth. hash>

I am getting content of login page.

Have you anyone experience with build such configuration?

Many thanks

Hey Rudolph,

Did you get a solution for your above question?