how to configure collaboration tasks?

I have a question concerning Collaboration Tasks. I have Task1 (Parent), which shall call Task2 (child).
I selected Task1 in Overview/General Information/ParentTaskType of Task2.
In Task1 I added a new Event, which is triggered by a BusinessDataField-Update and the action Queue Child Task with Child Task Type = Task2.
But this construction does not work: When I press the Complete-Button of Task1 (with the completeTask-Action), the process will be in the next step (not Task2).
Therefore I added a new button (with the applyChanges-Action), but then the process remains in Task1.

Is there something missing?

With kind regards
Petra Rieger

Hi Petra,
Have you got solution for this parent-child collaboration Task implementation.
I am also facing the same implementation procedure but its not working.

Please let me know about the exact procedure of how to implement collaboration task.


The parent process only knows about the parent task. Completing the parent task will communicate back to the process that the step is complete and to move on to the next process step.

If I understand your description, don’t complete Task 1 when you queue child Task2. Add a “Completed Task” event listener to Task2 with an action of “Complete Parent Task”. This way, the task step of the process will only complete when Task2 as completed (task2 marks the parent task1 complete, which then calls back to the process engine to complete the process step).

Thank you for clarification.
Do you have any step wise documentation for the same or any example POC in hand.
Please share if have something.