How to configure Azure DevOps After wM Upgrade

Problem Statement :
When you perform wM Upgrade from one version to another, you might face issue how to configure Azure DevOps pipelines for automated deployment…here are the simple steps which can help.

Step 1. Prepare Azure Pipelines

  • Go to your repo, (For example wm.partnership)

  • Select Azure-pipelines from drop down and create separate file for higher version.

    We have taken here example to upgrade from 10.5 to 10.11 server.

    i.e. in below screenshot, azure-pipelines.yml is for 10.5 server and we created azure-pipelines-1011.yml file for 10.11 server.

  • Open file and change value as per higher environment…

     Note : Value changed from DEV to DEV1011 as below.


  • For job Checkout, Agent changed to v1011.

  • Apply the same steps for Build/CreateProject/Deploy

Step 2. Create Folder inside respective branch with upgrade servers.

Now go to DEV branch and clone it to local using git and create folder named as DEV1011, which should be same as DEV.

  • You will find 2 files as shown below inside DEV folder.


  • Copy both the files inside DEV1011 folder.
  • Now update the IS_ProjectAutomator file with 1011 server details, as shown below.

Note → make sure host/port/user/pwd/version should be as per upgrade server details).

  • Now check-in the new folder DEV1011 to your dev repository and you will see your new folder in respective branch as below.

Step 3. Create Variables


  • Click on the edit button and then Variables.

-Add below variables with upgraded server details and save.


Step 4. Deployment

  • Run Pipeline as below by selecting DEV1011 environment from drop down.

  • Deployment is Successful.

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