How to compare two documentlist


I want to compare two document list, can any one please tell me what is the best way to do this.


Hi Atul,

Can you be more specific as to what are you trying to achieve?
The most logical thing i can think of is to loop over the two lists and compare the elements.


Hi Kiran,

Sorry i din’t ask my question in proper way.

I have written a flow service which parse a flat file and then it gives me two document list.
one is record list and another one is error list if any while parsing.

Now i want to remove all the records from record document list in which i found errors and that information is in error document list.

To remove the records from record document list, i have to compare these two list. I am not aware how i can compare two doclist and how i can remove the items from document list.


Hi Atul,

kindly refer [URL][/URL] (for 7.1). Page number 116.

You can loop on error doc list
–get errorPosition
–loop over record list and find same error record

Note: this is just an approach, let me know if you need more clarity.

Puneet Saxena

Thanks all of you for the prompt support. Aprreciated