How to clear unused or preused documents in Service activity

Hii All,

I was doing my bpm and taken one Abstract Task the in General menu I have selected the Service to create a service task while seeing the inputs /outputs menu tab I can see lot of documents their.

So, I want that all the unused documents should not come .

please see the image for more clarity I only want “EmployeeDetailsCanonical” document to be displayed which I am using for this service.
Can any one assist me to solve this issue.

Mohd Nasar Azaz

Hi Nasar,

is this the generated BPM Runtime service?
In this case ProcessData is mandatory and always present as this contains the transition info when moving from one step to the next.

Please activate the display for input/output data on the steps so you can see these in the diagram directly.
Most likely these documents have been defined in an earlier step as a output fields. In this case they will be automatically propagated to the inputs of upcoming steps.


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