How to check permissions in MWS programmatically


I want to check (from within a program) whether a certain MWS role (configured in MWS via user management) is allowed to see a certain page (specified by its alias). I.e. I’d need a function like this:

boolean hasPermission(String roleName, String pageAlias)

How is it possible to implement it? The function would be executed in MWS (not in IS). Is there some API to accomplish this?

There is a code sample (, but the code is not much documented and uses some classes which I could not find docs for.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Maybe a little bit late with this message, but I was wondering if you managed to find a solution for this.

From my side the only idea that I have is to make HTTP calls to the page check what is the returned fault.

Hope it helps,
Vlad Turian


unfortunately, I was not able to find a solution. But someone else was :slight_smile: And the solution has long been posted in this thread.