How to change the port for broker monitor?

Where can i change the port for broker monitor from default port to some other port? … I am using webmethods 6.5.3

The port setting for Broker Monitor is a parameter in the Broker Monitor’s configuration
file (awbrokermon.cfg). You can view the port setting by examining the monitor-port
value in the configuration file with a text editor. If the port value is empty, then port 6850 is used.

Try changing the port here and you are done.


Thanks a lot Kishore,

but in which directory can i find awbrokermon.cfg ?

I don’t have the installation handy but it should be present under webMethods Installation directory …\Broker\bin

Hope this helps.



You will get the awbrokermon.cfg in the wM_rootDirectory\Broker1\Broker\bin.