How to capture successful deployment completion event on an Integration server.


Problem statement:
As soon as a package is deployed, We need to update JDBC adapter connection properties (Hostname, User ID and Password) of all the connections in that package automatically by picking up the connection details based on the instance from a database.

Build A flow service which takes package name as input and lists all the JDBC connections under it. Then updates the connection properties of all the connections. Now invoke this service as soon as the deployment is successful.

Now the question is how to invoke this service as soon as the deployment of the package is successful?

Adding the above service as startup service to the package that is being deployed is not accepted.

Is there a way to capture a successful deployment event with package name that can be captured and used to invoke a flow service?

Help much appreciated.


Interesting one, let me think of it.


Why not consider another approach. Create a deployment project and create a variable substitution for it. This can be automated and you can take the values from the DB. Then you perform the deployment, and all the DB connections will have the correct values set by deployer.

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I second fml2 suggestion

Good to see your responses.

Current deployment process:
We use Jenkins to create a build and then use deployer to deploy the package to target environment.

Can we use IS Event Manager to capture a successful deployment event then invoke the flow service that can update the connection parameters? Of course the event should give us the name of the package that was successfully deployed.

Hello fml2,

Can you please shed some light on how this can be automated?


Hi Ravi,

the Variable Substitution is part of the Map in Deployer.

These Maps as well as the variable can be exported and imported by API.
This is file system based and not database based.

This means that these values can be loaded dynamically when creating the Map and will be substituted during the deployment of the candidate.

Please have a look at the Deployer Users Guide, this one might have the informations you are looking for.


You should create scripts that would read your DB and create config files for deployer project automator. And then run it.

Deployer project automator is a utility which is documented in the Deployer Guide. It is used to create deployer projects not via GUI but from the command line. The format of the files is also described in the guide. It is also possible to import variable substitutions into a project which is the interesting part for you.