How to call a java service inside XSLT

We are using xslt for one of the xml transformation. we have a requirement to generate a random id for one of the element during xslt translation.So, I need to call a java service inside xslt to get that value.
could you please suggest how to acheive this?

Hi Vignesh,

I don´t think that this will be possible.

I would suggest to call the java service before the xslt step and then use the outcome of this service inside the xslt transformation.



Hi @vignesh.govindhan ,
Found an old thread that tries to do the same but wasn’t supported . Using WmPublic functions inside xslt stylesheet - #5 by Deltones

Please note that I haven’t tried this , but the XSLT example in the Service Development help guide clearly shows how to call java methods (not java services) from inside an XSLT, refer guide at page 380 to 385.
E.g, xmlns:Date="java.util.Date" and use it by calling <xsl:value-of select="Date:toString($date)"/> (page 383)

If your intention is to generate a random id , you can check the javadoc for UUID (Java Platform SE 7 ) and see if this meets your purpose.

Hope this helps,
P.S: A good discussion about its reliability is at How good is Java's UUID.randomUUID? - Stack Overflow


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