How to call a CICS application protected by RACF via EntireX

I am trying to call a CICS application that requires a RACF ID and Password from an EntireX .Net wrapper. The Broker calls the CICS application directly (i.e. it doesn’t involve Natural).

I have tried creating my broker with the racf id

myBroker = new Broker (myBrokerconnectionstring, myRACFid)
then I create my server and then

This doesn’t seem to work.

Am I just logging into the Broker or does the Broker pass the userid and password on to RACF?

Thanks for your help.

When you say “it doesn’t work” can you be more specific? Are you getting an error on the Logon call? On the service call?

With EntireX Security, EntireX Broker passes your user id and password to RACF to authenticate. This authentication is not performed from CICS. The authenticated user id has to be authorized (using RACF resource rules) to use the class/server/service trinity being requested. An EntireX RPC Server (registered to provide the service identified by the class/server/service requested) needs to be running in CICS (if EntireX Security is indeed involved). The actual CICS program invocation is done by this RPC Server.

If you are using Direct RPC, EntireX Security is not available.

You should check the following in the documentation:

Using Impersonation under CICS

Using Impersonation