How to Built A Code Using SAP/Oracle?

Hi Everyone,

I have received one requirement for development of code in between two application by using SAP & Oracle DB

so i need to know the flow service steps to built a wm code.
Requirement as follows.

a From SAP system document will publish
b Map that publish doc to Canonical doc
c Using canonical doc to insert into Oracle DB

Please correct me if i am wrong
Find the flow step for above requirement


1 Created SAP connector
a listener
b listener notification
2 Created JDBC Oracle Connector

flow step for above requirement

Main :Sequence(Success)


U can use SAP adapter to connect to SAP and JDBC Adapter to connect to ur oracle database so tat u can get data from both sides and than u can perform ur logic by pub and sub model as per ur req in ur webMethods.

Hi Kumar,

Is ths logic workout.

Main Sequence (success)
Try Sequence(Failure)
Invokes Listner notification
get Idoc frm SAP
Map idoc to canonical
Publish canonical
Use Insert adapter service ti insert canonical doc
Catch Sequence(Done)