how to build html into client:http?

Hi Everybody,

I am here again, thanks for the help last time.

Now I am going to post a url (which invoke process to generate a pdf) in webmehtod and then upload the pdf to ftp.

The url leads to the pdf when I direct post it in web browser.

But when client:http is used to post the url ,the response is not the pdf but a redirect html before the pdf. And there is a form inside the html.

someone suggest me to build the html form in webMethods and post it from there.

I tried to put the form along with url in http service but it doesn’t work.

Does anybody have idea how to achieve that? or how to skip the redirect page?



Have you tried using the GET action on pub.client:http?

yes, I tried, but it gets the same result, the html form before pdf

a friend said if I can build the html for into webmethod, maybe I can get the pdf. The problem is how to build html form into webmethod to get a result.