How to build a B2B Service for Notification from Oracle

I want to get a notification from database in B2B Server(4.0.2J on Solaris 8).
And I have noticed a following FAQ.
This is just my request.

FAQs on webMethods.Advantage

How to
Notification in B2B

How can I get notification to work on my IS server?
I need to execute a service whenever an insert/ update occurs on my Oracle database.

Oracle 8.i has an optional package called utl.http that
allows you to make HTTP calls from PL/SQL.
Using this, you can call a B2B service from a PL/SQL package,
that would be called from a database trigger.

But I don’t know how to build a B2B Service for utl_http.
Some build-in-services can be available for this use?
Any hints appreciated.


Theoretically, there’s shouldn’t be anything specific to Oracle and/or UTL.HTTP in your service.
The main argument to UTL.HTTP is a URL (i.e. “http://server/pagename.html”). UTL.HTTP will then attempt to retrieve the contents of the page.
You should be able to invoke your service, and pass it the requisite arguments using standard URL to invoke your service in a browser.

We haven’t tried this yet, although we plan to soon, so I can’t give you anything more practical than good theory. :wink: Hope it helps.

Reply to the post, if you get some time, and let me know if it works.